The ideas of hotels and proper lodging for travelers isn’t anything new, and it’s been used by almost every civilization. The Greeks had rooms built into their bathhouses, serving food and beds, and in the Middle Ages there was the inn. In addition, many monasteries, churches, and other religious buildings were places where travelers could rest.

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However, the inn was often the closest place to a hotel in the modern context. They would stable and feed your horse, give you a hot meal and some entertainment, and then a warm bed for the night. There’s a reason why all the travelers in medieval books go to rest at the inn after all, and it’s because the inn really was the most common place of rest.

When mail started to be delivered by stagecoach and horses, inns became pit stops on the road where a mail carrier could exchange his tired horse for a fresh one and get a quick meal before heading back out on the road. The completion between nearby inns was fierce as the mail industry grew, because the stagecoaches and their passengers were wealthy, and often spent a lot of time at inns

Finally, as more and more wealthy people began using inns by the 18th century, they morphed into the troncones mexico hotels that we all know and love today. They followed a timetable, had menus, and generally became more businesslike in their dealings with clients. Then the hotel service industry was born, and thousands of travelers and tourists use it each year.

With more and more vacations being taken, the hotel industry shows no signs of slowing down, and it continues to evolve to meet the needs of its base. Just like their precursors, the inns did hundreds of years ago.