bed and breakfast key west fl

Why Choose a Bed & Breakfast

If you’re looking for a relaxing and unique place to stay, consider a bed and breakfast key west fl has available. There are amazing places to escape from the rest of the world and settle in on Key West. You can get a personalized experience, depending on where you choose to go. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should think about spending your next vacation in a bed & breakfast.

Extreme Value

At a hotel, you may not get that much in return for the price paid. The rooms may be small and if you’re lucky your parking might be free. However, some hotels don’t offer free breakfasts, free parking, or any other free amenities. At a bed and breakfast, guests will be comfortable in a room that includes several free amenities such as internet, parking, and delicious snacks. You might also be able to find discounts for nearby amusement parks and attractions.

Unique Décor

Every room in the bed and breakfast of your choice has its own unique personality. They’re decorated individually, giving each patron a surprise to look forward to. You and your entire family can take a peek at each other’s rooms and look at the fun items displayed. A lot of times, you can book your room of choice instead of having the inn select rooms for you, giving you more power over where you’ll be residing for the next few days.

Encounter History

bed and breakfast key west fl

When looking for a B&B, you’ll be surprised at how much history there is in each home. Some buildings are hundreds of years old, boasting rich histories that you can see for yourself when you visit the bed and breakfast. Once you arrive, speak with your innkeeper about any historical facts or events that have taken place in the establishment.

You can find free amenities, unique décor, and little pieces of history by choosing a bed and breakfast over a hotel.

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